The Soave area is authentic poetry. An enchanting, fascinating, almost "magical" landscape surrounded by nature, castles, vineyards and historic mansions. 

Here we are in the Soave lands, where history, territory and wine are perfectly intertwined to create a unique identity, which we discover through an itinerary, about 50 km, which winds through wineries, points of sale, restaurants, historical and environmental attractions. , and which opens in the medieval town from which it takes its name.

On the hills of the eastern arc of the Veronese province, on the border with the Province of Vicenza, lies the territory of Soave: a romantic succession of volcanic soils and gentle slopes, where you can breathe an air of tradition, authenticity and history.

It is a hilly landscape caressed by the sun, rarely touched by frosts. A land to discover especially in spring and autumn when countless shades of colors paint the hills: the white of the cherry trees, the soft green of the olive trees and the bright yellow of the dandelion, the shades of yellow and orange in autumn.

The expanses of the vineyards and the crenellated walls of the medieval castle are the ideal setting for a collage full of varied aromas and flavors able to offer food and wine delicacies whose taste is unmistakable.

The name Soave seems to derive from “Suaves”, a name that indicated the Swabians when they arrived in Italy with the Longobard king Alboin and also coincides with an adjective indicating pleasant sensations transmitted by a delicate, sweet, gentle landscape.